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My definition of “knowing”

Knowing causes life to be harder or more difficult, because there is little space for choosing calm and peace.

Knowing gives more responsibility. When you are in a state of knowing, it is hard to let it be. It is a difficult layer of understanding. If you can view “the plan”, it brings with this vision the stress of knowing — when you have no reason to know. Here are some ways of “knowing”.

Knowing information that you have not been told.

Knowing things for which you have no reason to know.

Knowing and understanding what may be future knowledge.

Knowing — a premonition for protection against danger.

Knowing when the phone is going to ring.

Knowing when things are going to happen, when you have no reason to know.

Knowing works in a different area if the brain — in a deeper layer — and seems to pull more energy than normal thinking. It requires heavy concentration and physical calm and stillness. You send all of your being’s energy to that point in your brain where knowing can be reached and received and read. Because you don’t always remember the information, it appears to be separate from your memory block or memory panel or file.

Sometimes you can reach it through meditation, and sometimes it is just there. It is a different “knowing” than knowledge received through study. It gives one an appearance of being wiser not necessarily smarter or more knowledgeable. You might be able to find things thought to be lost or more easily than others.

When others are afraid, you may be able to be completely calm; because you know all is well without knowing why. You may feel you have the answers you need just by asking the question. Then for the answer you are connected to the all-knowing universal knowledge and understanding.

You must be positive at all times, because you automatically know what most people are thinking. Sometimes you wish you did not have this ability or disability, whichever you categorize it. If people knew all the things you think about them they might think you are paranoid or suspicious and would be protective of their thoughts and behavior. So, therefore, you keep most of your thoughts private. You always feel that you don’t fit in, because their conversations surround mostly about themselves and what they do or want. It might be a measure of intelligence that propels your “knowing” or it might be your ability to see outside yourself. Then there is the empathy, which seemingly is never turned toward your own self.

If you try to explain yourself no one understands you, or you have surrounded yourself with people who are so focused on themselves that they only understand themselves.

Do you know what you know? Have you ever wondered how you know? You must treasure what you know and share your”knowing” with the world. Think, write, speak, and share your thoughts.

Author: Nelia Gay

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