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Image1.jpgDog'sLifeThis is Patches, Bill’s Dog. On July 8, 2016, Patches had to go to sleep. He was 15 years old and a wonderful dog. We are so sad. Patches, we will remember you always, because you inspired the song, “A Dog’s Life” on Bill’s latest CD.
To honor Patches here are the words to the chorus of her song.

“I could live a dog’s life, no worries in the world,
Lovin’ everybody; hanging with the girls.
It’s a dog’s life. This feeling will prevail.
Laugh all day long; smile with the wag of a tail.”

Bill Cockrell writes and sings happy songs.  His latest CD is “Dog’s Life”.

He is a terrific singer and producer. He writes his own songs and plays all instruments.  You can get his CD’s at:

There is a road called Nova Road that travels from Kissimmee, Florida, to the beach. Bill grew up in Kissimmee; hence this song from his teenage years.


I was born in the sunshine state.
We were never too far from our escape.
There was a road that headed to the beach.
It was our path to keep us well within reach.

Nova Road! Nova Road!
Crank up the tunes on the radio.
Roll the windows down. The skies are clear.
Cruising Nova Road, we’re out of here.

Two lanes winding through the fields.
Radio Towers pass by the automobiles.
No speed limit to slow us down.
Nova Road takes us out of this town.

Load up the boards first thing in the morning.
On the road before the love bug’s swarming.
Out on the beach; what a wonderful day!
Things couldn’t be better here in F L A.

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