” Who knew so many famous Chisholm calls still exist? These are some of the many calls I have saved. My father was Raymond Chisholm, famous for creating the Chisholm Turkey Yelper. He started selling them for $5.00, but now they are a collector’s item selling for as much as $800 on eBay. After my father passed away, my mother started making them, because she found she could sell them for $20, and she could make 3 yelpers in a day. She said this was much easier than sewing dresses for the ladies in the church. She put her name on only one especially at my request. My husband has some Bay trees on our other ranch in Levy County, and I am going to attempt to make some of these Chisholm calls. I was born as Nelia Faye Chisholm, so it will be my effort to continue the legacy.”

Author: Nelia Gay

Journalism, woodworking, photography, music and crafts (Items for sale)