Adorable Bull, Cocoa.
Adorable Bull, Cocoa.
This is the eye of our sweetest horse, Vanilla. She had twin babies, and one was borne dead. If you look closely, you will see a tear drop falling from her eye. She is sad for losing one of her babies, even though she still has the beautiful Lucy who is two years old now. Lucy is smaller than our other horses, but rules them all. Vanilla spends most of the day alone, just eating. I keep a picture of her eye on our website, because she is such a caring horse. My favorite! by Nelia Gay

Cocoa is a bull on our ranch. He is so gentle Patti can sit on top of him while he is resting. We handle all our cattle immediately when borne, so they will not be afraid of us. We have 3 new babies at this ranch, and another new one at the Inglis ranch. I’ll get pictures to you soon. by Nelia Gay

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