My name is Vanilla. I am a horse, and I live on a farm eating grass all day. I wish I were a human being so that I could have the powerful abilities that humans have to think. When you see my eye, be reminded that it is a symbol of the all-seeing eye of the universe. “I can see you. You cannot hide.”

You are a human being with abilities given only to humans. You are human with the ability to think in a spectacular manner. You can think for yourself.

You do not have to follow blindly like the cattle that I can see where I am eating grass all day.

John Miller said, “The way we think determines how we live.” That is true for horses as well as for human beings. See those Quarter Horses over there? If I try to eat grass where they are eating grass, they will bite me or kick me; so I eat over here alone.

Edward R. Murrow said, “A great many people think they are thinking when they are really rearranging their prejudices.” Those horses over there are prejudiced against me, because I am an Appaloosa.

This is part of a chapter written by our horse, Vanilla, in my new book, ready for publication. It reminds you to not be prejudiced against someone else. It teaches you how to meditate and see yourself as you are. Everyone else can see you, so why not look at yourself.

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